AUTOBIOGRAPHIES | Eran Thomson - Part 2
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I used to think I was the only one.

That there was no one like me. Especially since most of my childhood I was frequently told I was not normal. Sometimes this was even meant as a compliment. It was only later in life that I realised I was a victim of Only Child Syndrome.

From the Encyclopaedia Shittanica:

Only Child Syndrome (OCS) is a troubling disease that can affect young minds in many harmful ways, and while there have been reports of OCS victims whose condition yields above average creativity, imagination and talent, side effects like social awkwardness and loneliness are the norm. Further research in this field is required.

In the years since, myself and my many friends (real and imaginary) have come to realise that it is the fact that we’re all different that makes us all the same. Your story will never be my story, but we both have them.

So in the interest of you getting to know me better, here’s some of my personal stories. And if you’re open to the idea, I’d love to hear yours.

And not because I’m lonely or anything.

Only Child Syndrome (OCS) is REAL!

Why yes, that is a blue horse that my Mom sewed on my favourite sweater for school picture day without asking me. Even worse, the only friend I had to commiserate with about the whole nefarious affair was “Coo-Coo.” (That was the horse’s name).


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