Good Morning Dreamer™ - Eran Thomson's weird and wonderful dreams


I’ve been told repeatedly that my dreams are crazy. That I should have them analysed. That I might be nuts. That I should write them down.

But writing down dreams is hard when you’re stumbling around in your underwear, half asleep, looking for a pen that works. So I started recording them. Much easier: Wake up, grab phone, mumble weirdness.

Some dreams are sexy. Some are silly. Some are just plain weird. And all of them are proof the unconscious mind knows no bounds. So have a listen and, if you are inspired, leave your interpretations by clicking the DREAM TITLE or “add your comment” in the player.

And remember, not all dreams come true – and that’s probably a good thing. But the book, with all my crazy dreams just sitting their waiting to be read before you go to bed and have some dreams of your own? That’s a very, very good (meta) thing.


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