High Beams On - Lyrics © Eran Thomson


When I go out
late at night
One thing that I need
Is the power of sight

It’s see or be seen
Out here on the streets
Or hear and be heard
If you got beats

My ride is so bright
It’ll fry your retina
And if you got a girl
You know I’m gettin’a

With my parabolic bulbs
I’ll be burned into her eyes
Just like a deer
She’ll be mesmerised

Against all instincts
Ladies can’t help but stare
Call it love blindness
On the thoroughfare.

Coz that’s what I do
On the streets at night
Shining my love
With my dual beams bright

I don’t do it to cause blindness
Or police paranoia
But sometimes that happens
When I come up behind ya

All I need is some
high power halogen
To make fools look away
like I was an allergen

When it’s super dark
I fire up the xenon
You can’t miss me
I’m a highway phenom

Wanna get home safe?
And not be blind?
You better tint your windows
Or stay behind

Because when I roll up
I’ll be singin’ this song
And on one thing you can bet
I’ll have my high beams on

I got my high beams on
Yeah, I know you see me
Got my high beams on
Yeah, you best believe me

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