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My freestyle rap game is on point, but every once in a while, when inspiration strikes, I just have to write down whatever little dumb ditty is playing in my head. Sometimes they’re silly. Sometimes they’re sweet. And sometimes they’re stupid. But they always make me smile.

And hey, if you’re into Hip-Hop, check out my Rapaholics Anonymous blog.


You can’t stop me I’m a man on a mission Doing not being Thinking not seeing If I let you in You can stop me


Talk to me. Talk to me. Talk to me. Start something. I see you every day walking down the street. The kind of girl I’d like to meet. Looking kinda sweet. Talk

Running - Lyrics by Eran Thomson - ©2015


I know why you're running But you're running the wrong way. Take a look at your feet baby, Turn around, and find a  reason to stay. If you choose

High Beams On - Lyrics © Eran Thomson


I got my high beams on Yeah, I know you see me Got my high beams on Yeah, you best believe me

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