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SCREENPLAYS | Eran Thomson
SCREENPLAYS | Eran Thomson
WORDSMITH • IDEA MACHINE - Eran Thomson - Writer / Director / Maker / Blogger
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Eran has leveraged his background as an award-winning advertising copywriter into a career writing for the screen.

Coming from a long history of creating very, very short films (i.e. thirty-second TV commercials), he now enjoys developing web series and TV scripts and has written multiple feature film scripts, both spec and commissioned.

As a screenwriter, Eran’s range is diverse. Recent features include: “The Midas Flush” a teen comedy; “White Light” an action drama, “Stiffed” a buddy flick, “Feathered Front,” an animated family movie, “Star Words” a mockumentary, and “Bloody Over,” a twist on the vampire genre set in the world of cricket.

His current TV slate includes “The Pawn,” a multi-platform reality game show, “C and Borracho – Stay Up Late,” a puppet-based comedy web series currently in pre-production, “Spice,” a cooking/dating reality show, and “Friendly Room,” an inside look at the world of stand-up comedy.

As a Commercial Writer/Director currently represented by Chimney Worldwide his reel contains award-winning work for MTV, VH1, Greenpeace, Keep Australia Beautiful, Kidney Health Australia, Foot Locker, Razer Gaming and more.

He has studied screenwriting at the UCLA Writer’s Studio and is also a trained Journalist – graduating from the top-tier School of Journalism at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).

In his previous career, Eran was an award-winning advertising Copywriter and Creative Director at prestigious agencies TBWA, BBH, and others, where he learned to have lots of ideas fast without being precious.

His passion for ideas and their execution, coupled with his high pedigree as a wordsmith gives Eran the experience, strategic insight, client management skills, and creative stewardship necessary to ensure your next project is a success.

Eran’s other passions include surfing, snowboarding, and freestyle rapping. 

For script requests please contact Tatiana Goldflower.
Check out E.T.’s Writer / Director Reel or Advertising Folio

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